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Thanks youfor visiting my Website. 

I am an award winning contemporary oil painter of landscapes and figures.  My paintings include people and scenes from Africa, 
Europe and the U.S.

I teach the landscape in classical oil
at The Art League of Daytona Beach and am an artist-in-residence for Very Special Arts-Florida.  Through VSA I teach visual art to individuals with disabilities and youth-at-risk. 

Limited edition numbered and signed prints are available on-line at www.etsy.com/shop/amelierogers.

I Create Exclusive Wedding Day Accessories for 
the Bride and Wedding Party at PoshWeddingDay.com

View a Photo-album of Selected Works (Vertical)

View a Photo-album of Selected Works (Horizontal)

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Please Email me at amelieartist@aol.com for pricing and

any questions or comments you may have.  I accept commissions.

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